April 30, 2018

September 18, 2017

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Why Yoga Now?

September 18, 2017


    So why Yoga Now?  What do you mean?  Doesn’t everyone randomly crave Yoga (RIGHT NOW) throughout the day?!  Like an angry tunnel vision toddler with her eye of the prize throwing a tantrum until she finds her downward facing dog on her mat?!?!?  Her cat and her cow, her cobra, her inner warrior and her very best poses that distract her from all that human hoopla?  Yeah, that’s kind of a thing for me but I get it that not everyone has discovered the magic of the mat so let’s get a little more serious and less dramatic? 


    One of my favorite quotations is “Be happy for this moment, this moment is your life” (Omar Khayyam). It’s a simple concept yet so profound.  That’s just it, isn’t it?  Life happens in the now.  And it turns out that we need to show up and pay attention to find it enjoyable and worthwhile.  Too often our minds get caught up in the past and are clouded by our concerns for the future.   We live in a crazy, chaotic world where “busy” doesn’t even begin to describe our constant states.  We are so distracted by media, social media and what seems like the unending demands of our time, energy and psyches just to keep our heads above the water. 


    Through my yoga practice, I’ve found that on my mat I have a place where I can simply be.  I can honor my existence outside of my roles, responsibilities and to- do lists.   I am aware of my breath and I connect with my physical body on a much more intimate level.  I pay attention.  Paying attention to the breath and body keeps my mind off all the other stuff that is ultimately not of that moment.  Connection is reality.  Through Yoga, I find my NOW. 


    I believe that when we practice this on our mats we begin to live more intimately off our mats as well.   Yoga teaches us to be more present in life.  And furthermore, Yoga is not just something that we practice on our mats.  To me, yoga is a process of honoring and loving my body, freeing my mind of clutter and connecting more deeply to my spirituality.  I intentionally work on these things while on my yoga mat and it comes more easily to me while I’m there; however, my goal is to experience all of that all the time.  If this is what Yoga is, I want that now and I want it all the time.  In other words, I want Yoga Now.


    So, there you have it folks, that’s why I’m naming my humble at home studio Yoga Now.  My hope is that Yoga Now will be a place where we can come to our mats and find solace by allowing ourselves to simply be.  We can share energy and breath with those around us and honor our connectedness through positivity, encouragement, and love.    You can come as you are to a place where you can feel safe and successful regardless of your yoga experience and abilities.  If you can breathe, you can do yoga and I cannot wait to share in this experience with you.  Oh, and for all you go-getters out there we will also tighten our tummies and tone our tushies while we find our inner peace ;)  Please join me!






P.S.- I love hashtags because I like pretending that I’m young and hip ;) The first time I ever posted a hashtag I was at a yoga conference and there was an opportunity to win something.  I haven’t turned back since so be prepared for the annoyingness of the pound sign….

#YogaNow #breatheandbe #beherenow #Namaste #onelove #basementbliss #yourZENbeginshere

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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